Micro-Implant Anchorage (MIA)
-Hands-on course-
Prof. Hee-Moon KYUNG


Lecture contents

1. Kinds of Absoanchor orthodontic Micro-Implant(MI)

2. Terms used in MI surgical procedures

3. General rule in choosing proper size of MI according sites

4. General rule in choosing proper size of drill & handpiece

6. Avoiding root damage & MI fracture

7. Postoperative patient management

9. Removal of MI



Installation Exercise

1. Instrumentation for installation

2. Installation exercises on special resin model

3. Drill free and pre-drilling demonstration

4. Fracture exercise using different MIs

5. Driving exercises using different type of MI drivers

6. Force application exercise to MIs


* The participants can keep the typodont after the course.